The Analogue Resistance Magazine

by Graham Hughes aka Kiwivagabond aka The BlindPoet

The Analogue Resistance Magazine

The Analogue Resistance Magazine is published sporadically on Joomag. As a term, 'resistance' is not about fighting battles, (although it is in a sense). It is not about the supremacy of analogue over digital or the this is better than that arguments. The Analogue Resistance is more like an underground movement against an invasive force which threatens the memory and use of traditional practices and presents a new world order. The invading new world order is digital technology, (which is not in fact the real enemy). The real enemy is forgetting that photography has been around since the 1830's and many of the 'old' processes command our respect and we still stand drop jawed before their beauty. Please find link above to digital editions of The Analogue Resistance Mag and that necessary evil...a Face Book page. :-) The images below are representative of The Analogue Resistance Mag's content.........and Gallery259's heart.

Published by BlindPoet ProductionZ | Aotearoa New Zealand

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