Analogue Images 2017

by Graham Hughes aka Kiwivagabond aka The BlindPoet

Analogue Images 2017

These images were processed mostly this year, but they may have been birthed in over the last four years. Analogue workflow takes time even when blended with digital outputs. In truth I would purposely slow my life down and enjoy the slower rhythm of things and that choice would have its own kinds of tensions as well as absolute pleasures. The setting up of the image, the winding of the film or loading the film holder with paper or film......the pulling of the dark-slide and the closing of it......the trodden path back to the darkroom or the placing of the exposed image safely in the case. I seriously like that. The problem and constant tension is that of fitting it all around working for the man.....around time on the treadmill of existence. Maybe I need to have the courage to jump, and fill my days with collecting images of the things that I love, things that for me say something about life, the land or environment and how I feel about it all. As much as I love being a teacher, the clock is always ticking and I find myself battling with the fading light and there seeming to be less time these days. I hope you enjoy seeing some my work published here in 2017. I am captivated by the world around me, the world on my doorstep, door the road and across the fence. I find simple things beautiful and am challenged by the fact that just because I have eyes in my head, it does not mean I truly see. I hope you enjoy some of my humble offerings. Drop me a line. Graham Hughes


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